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Total Thermal Comfort

Provide optimum comfort for your passengers with ease of application, strong chilled air circulation, compact design.

Excellent Thermal Comfort for Special Service Vehicles

Effectively bring thermal comfort to your cabin, even in harsh conditions.

Using our air heaters, roof top and additional air conditioners, you can fine-tune the cabin temperature from the driver's compartment.

Effective Air Conditioning for Your Bus

Control the air quality in your vehicle precisely with your air conditioners that have additional heating and fresh air options as well as cooling.

Effective refreshment for your service

Functionally installable dual-unit split air conditioners, coolness comes from wherever you want, moreover, with cost-effective air duct solutions.

Safety is our priority

As the YILKAR family, we support the efforts to prevent and control the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, which affected the world and was declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Total Thermal Comfort Solutions

YILKAR offers an effective solution to your every thermal comfort demand with a wide variety of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems and products.

Thermal comfort is the most important parameter in human transportation, people should feel comfortable and spacious during the journey. You can provide optimum passenger thermal comfort in winter with efficient dry type heaters independent of the engine, which heat the passenger compartment of the vehicle in a short time. In summer, you can choose our air conditioners for effective cooling to protect your passengers from the sweltering heat and ensure they have a pleasant journey.