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Make a difference in passenger comfort with Yılkar Air Heaters

Air heater is a heater device that operates independently of the engine, has low electrical consumption, and has the ability to quickly heat the desired place by using the heat energy generated by the fuel.

Air Heater can be used anywhere that has a small energy source (battery) that can make electrical components work. Therefore, it has many uses. These; people transport, truck cabins, caravans, marine, ambulance, etc. special utility vehicles, defense industry, and various electric vehicles.
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Featured Properties
ECE R122 Certificate

Vehicle Heating System Applicability Approval

The ECE R-122 regulation, published by the European Economic Commission (ECE), regulates the principles of type approval for the heating systems of vehicles of categories M, N, and O.

ECE R-122 regulation prevents our diesel-fueled air heaters from overheating, exhaust emission, sealing, etc. Many parameters have been tested.

Our products passed all tests well below the desired limit.

As a result of the tests carried out in the Czech Republic, it has been certified with document number E8 R-122 0010869.

ECE R10 Certificate

Electromagnetic compatibility approval

This certificate is the type approval test for European automotive electronics. Our air heaters have undergone and successfully passed various tests, including RF immunity and emissions, temporary immunity and emissions.

It electrically meets the requirements for residual burst, fluctuating harmonics, and vibration.

As a result of the tests carried out in Luxemburg, it was certified with the document number E13 R-10 05 15114.

All Solutions for Air Heaters

Grilles, directions, comfort and mounting parts

Air routing accessories and grilles for effective air distribution, silencer parts for your comfort, various assembly parts for your application, and all the solutions you need are offered by Yılkar.